On philosophical sociology

Lately, I had a chance to revisit Wayne C. Booth and Bruno Latour in a chapter from Thinking with Bruno Latour in Rhetoric and Composition, edited by Paul Lynch and Nathaniel Rivers (2015). Just as the author Collin Gifford Brooke thoroughly articulated, I feel there are several important connections that can be made between rhetorical […]

A rhetorical hot take on complicity

Often we think of rhetoricism as some kind of method that “fits” the scenarios we are trying to explain. While it is true that rhetorical thinking can serve as a framework for virtually any purpose, it is not without its merit as an extension of psychological and bodily responsivity (Diane Davis-ers take note). When considered […]

The Paradox of “Dominant” Narratives

With the frequency in which people are now discussing ways to “diversify” – whether in terms of reading habits, writing, curriculum instruction, or public policy – I find a lot of reference to methodologies that are meant to center and empower voices that have historically been marginalized. While the times certainly call for increased awareness […]

A Tale of Two Psychologic Fictions

At the end of this harbinger year, I managed to tackle two personal projects. I chose two rhetorically and aesthetically compelling texts to read back-to-back: the first was Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar (1963) and the second Richard Wright’s Native Son (1940). Plath’s novel is a semi-autobiographical account of an early 20th-century, middle class woman’s […]

Meaning between spaces

The big city is a quite different space from the open suburbs. For those who have never had an intimate experience with the inner cityscape, a first-time trip there can be exciting and sometimes disorienting. The inverse is also true, as an urban dweller could just as easily find the profound silence and pace of […]

The End of a Year

The academy is a special type of place, and the circles within it are doubly more so. Perhaps even more noticeably in today’s society, the sense of “achievement” that the academy fosters in its scholars can at times feel distant from the reality of existence in a struggling, unequal world. There is sometimes comfort in […]

The pathos of pathology

There is a memory of a world that responded to your touch and that once talked back to you. You felt the consistency of its day-to-day that stretched across the inland and to the shores. You felt its conundrum in every lockstep motion of the city, every breath in the country, and the low hum […]